Because the desert-imposed serenity, respect each other and simplicity, "La Saharienne" offers a trip specially designed for young people and those looking to relax .

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It is to live a unique experience through the knowledge of the lifestyle of nomads in Morocco familiarizing themselves with their daily .

The program of each trip is designed to meet certain requirements :

  • Confront other realities, take a step back from his own situation, in a huge and totally different environment of usual surroundings.
  • Allow everyone to regain confidence in themselves through the practice of rewarding activities (teamwork, compliance, etc.)
  • Implement an international solidarity action through a specific project and rewarding to acquire the spirit of openness and tolerance.
  • Make a break in a daily effort (5 hours of walking in the desert) during the trip, allowing a return to self and exceeded its difficulties.
    This project is part of an educational initiative whose main objective is to make a dynamic change in participants.

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