For us it is fair tourism :

1. Working in partnership with local providers among the most disadvantaged and provide fair compensation for local economic actors.

2. Design and implement circuits in areas without structures with local partners.

3. Serve as conduits for organizing trips for groups 10 maximum people taking into account the protection of sites visited, the discovery of local realities respect the culture and traditions of people visited.

4. Give Back 5% of the price of each trip for projects of development aid under the control of the Board of Directors of the Saharan.

5. Ensure transparency in the management of our activities.

6. Educate each traveler before his departure that he contributes his attitude and behavior to ensure a smooth stay in mutual respect.

7. Preferred means of local transport including camel or mule.

[ale_alert style=”yellow”] 8. Based on respecting our princes éthiques. [/ale_alert]

This is in accordance with these principles or solidarity tourism fair will gradually implement

Our approach also aims to offer an alternative to mass tourism which generates a concentration of wealth in the hands of a small group of people and deteriorating living conditions of local people hoping to reap the economic benefits.

Our model of responsible tourism is modeled on fair trade that is based on fair remuneration of local producers, on the improvement of social conditions and the protection of’ environment.

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