Our trips are suspended in Niger, but our humanitarian actions in favor of children continues


In 1999, Mr Elli Moussami creates the association “Toubous du Sahara” for :

  • Provide assistance to the education of nomadic children (in Niger and Chad).
  • Participate in the construction of well.
  • France to discover the culture of the nomadic.

"La Saharienne" tourism project which was born in 2003, is a continuation of development of the Toubou association Sahara. It supports local people to invest in a project jointly tourist reception that reflects their culture and their lifestyle.



  • Creating nomadic schools and canteens in the camps of’ OLO, Barka & N’gnelegna.
  • Creating well.
  • Purchase of cattle (compound of cows, camels and goats). The sale of these animals ensures the smooth operation of the school canteen.
  • Financial support for college and lycéns from our schools.
  • Establishment of literacy centers for adults in the camps.
  • Setting up a mobile clinic.
  • Testing of a prototype wood stove saver.
  • Installing a solar cooker in the town of N’ GOURTI.
  • Signature of an agreement between the city of N’ GOURTI and our association for managing a boarding school exclusively for nomadic children are welcomed with their entrance exam.
  • Establishment of documentation funds (library)

90 € per year, a child is enrolled in a nomadic school. Examples, the monthly cost of a nomadic school is 385 €

  • Teacher salary, 92€ monthly
  • Salary of the cooker, 62€ / monthly
  • Lunches, 231€ monthly

You can support us by sponsoring school:
[ale_alert style=”yellow”]Check payable to the order of of "Toubous du Sahara" at 39 rue de Verdun 37300 JOUE LES TOURS. [/ale_alert]

A tax receipt will be sent and you will help reduce 66% of the amount of your help on your taxable income.

These schools are established at the request of nomads, that handle the daily operation.

Each year, members of our association went to the site at their own expense to bring school supplies, salaries and report to our funders in France, to participants and sponsors of the development of our projects.

Our effort, in favor of nomadic education, however modest it, helped create and concerver francophone spaces in areas difficult to access when the initiative of the state are rare. (2%, only children are educated).

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