Founder and Board of Directors

The association is managed by a Board of Directors, composed of volunteers, responsible for managing the association

[ale_team style=”light” avatar=”” name=”Issouf Elli Moussami” prof=”Fondateur de l’association” twilink=”” glink=””] Born in the desert, Issouf was educated in schools for nomads. After studying at the Faculty of Tours, he created the association to promote a more sustainable tourism people and their environment in Africa, notamment au Niger, au Tchad et au Maroc. [/ale_team]

[ale_team style=”light” avatar=”” name=”Liliane Lambert” prof=”Sécrétaire général de l’association” fblink=”” twilink=”” glink=””] Retired, she is secretary general of the association. [/ale_team]

[ale_team style=”light” avatar=”” name=”Jean Louis Vivet” prof=”Accounting” fblink=”” twilink=”” glink=””] Functionary, Issouf friend, which he met at the Faculty of Tours, He handles the accounting. [/ale_team]

Other active members of the association

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